दैवम् and कालः

दैवम् and कालः

(1) 2013/10/17 Alexander Zachenyuk –


help me translate this (word for word) –

स कालोऽप्यन्यथा कर्तुं भावितो नेशते क्वचित्




(2) S. L. Abhyankar अभ्यंकरकुलोत्पन्नः श्रीपादः –


इमे श्लोकाः मया श्रीमद्देवीभागवते पञ्चमस्कन्धे एकत्रिंशे अध्याये प्राप्ताः |


स कालोऽप्यन्यथा कर्तुं भावितो नेशते क्वचित् = सः कालः अपि अन्यथा कर्तुं भावितः न ईशते क्वचित्


अन्यथा कर्तुं भावितः अपि सः कालः क्वचित् न ईशते = The “Time” even when inclined to do otherwise, cannot do his desire क्वचित् (= somewhere) (also क्वचित् = sometime)


The context is, because देवी killed निशुंभ, the soldiers returning from the battlefield, reporting to शुंभ thought the time was not proper or ominous for शुंभ to go to the battlefield.


But शुंभ’s argued, “It is not the Time, which is supreme. It is providence दैवं, which is supreme.” See in the next सप्तमे श्लोके – दैवमेव परं मन्ये

He supports his premise by arguing that if Time was to be supreme, rains will rain in due time of श्रावणमास. But it does not always rain in श्रावणमास. It rains when it is not time for rains to rain – अकाले वर्षति

तस्मात् अयं न मुख्यः अस्ति Hence He (i.e. Time) is not supreme.


This may lead one to deliberate, what the difference is between दैव providence and काल Time.


One logic that comes to mind, is Time is just a dimension. At a given point of time, different people will have different providential influences. So, influence on people is because of providence and not because of Time. What a scientifically perfect statement ! I wonder what has made a common way of people speaking of Time being bad or good. Is it not so spoken in all languages, all over the world !


But the word काल possibly does have different shades of meaning. And one shade of meaning is providence. In Apte’s dictionary as many 21 meanings are given for कालः. One meaning (at #9) is fate or destiny.


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