संस्कृतलेखनम्, लिपयः, शिलालेखाः

संस्कृतलेखनम्, लिपयः, शिलालेखाः

Sanskrit, Scripts, Inscriptions

Internet Chat at 05:44 on Tuesday22nd Oct 2013

Devarajan:  Hi Sir

Devarajan:  PraNAms, h r u /

me:  namaste ! very fine Sir

Devarajan:  some doubts. r u busy ?

me:  welcome

Devarajan:  What is the first ever Samskrita work ?

What was the Script used to write that ?

What was the very first Samskrita stone inscription ?

me:  Scripts like ब्राह्मी are also said to have been used. I do not know about very first stone inscription

me:  Maybe सत्यमेव जयते is a stone inscription on the Ashoka pillar. I visited and have seen the Ashoka Pillar couple of times. But it did not occur to me to see the inscription on it.

Devarajan:  oh ! someone says Buddha Carita was da 1st work

me:  Ashoka Pillar is just next to Kutb Minar in Delhi

me:  I think Buddha Charita is more like various incarnations of Buddha and is also known as जातक-कथा I guess they are more like Amar-katha kind of stories inscribed by pictures.

Devarajan:  mm ! but vEdAngas were written in a language they must ‘ve some script

me:  Interestingly, Uttar-Ramacharita is based on Laxman showing to Rama, pictorial inscriptions of his biography !

Devarajan:  only vedas had oral tradition

me:  I realized importance of oral tradition, when I came to learn that letter अ can be pronounced in 18 different ways. It has different meaning in every different way.

Devarajan:  yes, u may write abt da importance of oral tradition in da mailing list

me:  I started a new blog संस्कृतचर्चा I think this chat fits in well there.

Devarajan: u may discuss abt Vyutpattis also

me:  Yes व्युत्पत्ति-s is also a good topic.

Devarajan:  other lists fail 2 give importance to it

me:  Which other lists ?

Devarajan:  BVP

me:  There was a good discussion about grammatical derivation of the word अकुर्वत in first shloka in Geetaa !

Shri. Nityananad Mishra gave a long derivation. It was like proving a theorem in Geometry and putting at the end QED !

Devarajan:  oh, very nice

Devarajan:  ஒக் ப்ல்

sorry ! ok pl

me:  I could read  ஒக் ப்ல் ! was fine with ok ! was wondering what ப்ல் meant. That was “pl” !

Devarajan:  oh great ! u can read Tamil also !)

me:  Somewhat ! I have to read every word twice. First as the letters stand then how they are meant to be pronounced. Typical problem is with words like கங்கா I would first read it as कंका then as गंगा

Devarajan:  க stands for all alpa prANa & mahAprANa

me:  Tamil has very few alphabets. That is the problem Possibly there is no “s” Often cement is written as சிமென்ட் चिमेण्ट् in first reading.

Devarajan:  yes, now they object use of ஸ, as it is a Grantha script

me:  I made a comment on purpose of a script when discussing विसर्गविषये

Devarajan:  grantha unicode approval is  in mess now

me:  Somebody had started teaching Grantha script. I shall have to check up who that was.

Devarajan:  there was a request 4 guidance in Grantha script in da list

me:  It was a site of the person.

Devarajan:  oh, i do not know

me:  I shall have to go thru’ history of my mail-box

Devarajan:  oh

me:  There seems to be also a grantha-lipi@googlegroups.com

Devarajan:  ok Sir ! bye, tc, raam raam

me:  Bye ! सुदिनमस्तु !

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