Thoughts on Child-level education

मनस्यागच्छति यत् पाठ्यक्रमाः वयोमानानुसारिणः भवेयुः

Curricula should be graded by age

वयोमानानुसारिणि पाठ्यक्रमे बाल्यावस्थायाः विचारः

Thoughts on Child-level education

पाठनारंभस्तु बाल्यादेवावश्यकः यथा

Education should begin right from childhood

  1. मलमूत्रविसर्जनमत्र तत्र न कर्तव्यमिति पाठनं प्रायः प्रथमम् | दृश्यताम् – Learn how your child can make the switch from diapers to the toilet in a few days – or even an afternoon – with one popular potty training method. (See –
  2. कुतूहलं खलु बालसङ्गोपनविषये के विचाराः आयुर्वेदे ? Is there anything detailed in आयुर्वेद about nursing of children ?
  • 2.1 शरीरावयवानां सक्षमता कथं वर्धते स्वभावतः संस्कारैश्च ? How does strength or faculties of limbs and organs develop in the natural course and by training ?
  • 2.2 बुद्धेः सक्षमता कथं वर्धते स्वभावतः संस्कारैश्च ? How does intellectual faculty develop in the natural course and by training
  1. बाल्यमिति आजन्मतः सार्धैकवर्षतावत् अष्टादशमासानां कालावधिः खलु ? Can childhood be considered as the period of 18 from birth to age of one and half years ?
  2. 2002-तमे वर्षे मम पौत्रः सार्धैकवर्षीयः आसीत् | तं अङ्के गृहीत्वा अहं एकां “Toyland Train”-नाम्नीं  DVD-चक्रिकां चालयन्नासम् | तां चक्रिकां वारंवारं दृष्ट्वा श्रुत्वा च बहु हार्दं शिक्षणमभवन्मम पौत्रस्य | किं किमासीत् तस्यां चक्रिकायामित्यस्य विवरणं अस्त्यत्र

In 2002, when my grandson was barely 18 months old, I got a DVD “Toyland Train”. I used to play the DVD taking my grandson in my lap. It is nostalgic for me what amount of training he got by watching and listening and interacting with the DVD. Contents of the DVD can be read here →

Preschool learning software featuring the Muppet Babies, A fun and educational activity at every train stop Learning activities designed to be played at multiple levels, 8 learning areas including shapes, body parts, animals, and more, 5 levels of game play; games suitable for ages 2 to 5

यद्यपि चक्रिका द्विवर्षतः पञ्चवर्षीयाणां बालकेभ्यः इति उल्लिखितासीत् सार्धैकवर्षीयाय मम पौत्राय किमपि काठिन्यं नासीत् | बालकानां ग्रहणशक्तिविषये अस्माकं कल्पनाः विचाराः एव न्यूनाः भवन्तीति मे मतिः अनुभवश्च |

Although they say that the DVD is for children of 2 to 5 years of age, I have direct experience of grasping capacity of children. It seems our own concepts of grasping capacity of children are inferior to actual.

  1. We should have clearer concepts of what children should learn. Nursery rhymes such as “Humpty Dumpty sat on  a wall” are senseless. Instead children can be taught
  • 5.1 श्लोक-s, स्तोत्र-s, सुभाषितानि.
  • 5.2 Reading the clock
  • 5.3 Family-tree – with growing number of small households, close relatives are appearing to be becoming distant relatives.
  1. बाल्यानां शिक्षणं क्रीडयैव भवितव्यम् | Adventures of Tom Sawyer-पुस्तके साधु निर्दिष्टं मार्क-ट्वेन्-वर्येण “Work is what one is obliged to do, play is what one is not obliged to do” कति आह्लाददायकं भवेत्सर्वं शिक्षणं यदि सर्वं क्रीडया एव पठ्यते !! प्रायः कश्चित् तथैव विचारः भास्कराचार्यस्य विचारः यत्तेन तस्य गणितग्रन्थस्य नाम लीलावतीति अभिहितम् | दृश्यतां चित्रेऽस्मिन् किञ्चिदास्तरणं वर्णाक्षराणामङ्कानाम् च

Education of children should happen gamefully. Playschool is a very charming word. How rightly did Mr. Mark Twain coin the phrase in his Adventures of Tom Sawyer “Work is what one is obliged to do, play is what one is not obliged to do”. See below the picture of an alphabet and numbers mat. My son had got one for my grandson.


 Child with soccer ball  Soccer with child


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